Social Initiatives

The Gabriela Dias Foundation works with local partners, schools and nonprofits, to enhance and support efforts to educate and engage children and youth. Our Social Initiatives create measurable change, by building confidence, changing attitudes and social norms community by community.

In partnering with Incredible organizations and with our supporters help we work towards empowering and advocating to the arts and education, through social actions, national and state campaigns, events, activities and other resources for disadvantaged children. We work with partners to change lives and the future, and spark community-led creativities. Together, we advance a future where every child has the opportunity to have access to arts and education, learn a skill and or a profession, and reach their full potential.

United States

Our 2019 Social Initiatives and sponsored events, and activities reach underprivileged children and adolescents in the towns of Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury, Fairfield, CT. ​


 In Brazil our pilot Social Initiatives reach the towns of Felício do Santos, São Gonçalo do Rio Preto and Senador Modestino Gonçalves, Vale do Jequitinhonha, Minas Gerais, Brazil.