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Our Leadership

As a highly credible and respected advocate for minority and women, Gabriela Dias uses her voice to lead opinion and spread awareness of the importance of our mission and goals.

Gabriela Dias

Board Director & Founder

Gabriela Dias of Brazilian origin with a lifetime of international influence and success has worked on television throughout Europe, USA, and South America ranging from participating in several TV shows, and soap operas to appearing in Hollywood productions that allowed her to work with the likes of Antoine Fuqua, Penélope Cruz, Devon Dickson, Deborah Aquila, Ben Hoffman, Jessica Biel, Francis O’Conner, Alfred Molina, Kaya Scodelario, Jimmi Simpson, among others.

Guadalupe Lazcano 

Director of Development

Born in Mexico, and raised in the states. Guadalupe has always been passionate about brainstorming, creating, and exploring new ideas. She is responsible for the marketing, public relations, communications and business development efforts of the foundation. She manages and oversees sponsorships, events, charitable contributions, marketing training and more.

Paulo Milan 

Legal Counsel 

Paulo is a brazilian lawyer acting in civil and labor law, and is currently finishing the masters program at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) in the field of law and new technologies, with an emphasis in behavioral economics and cognitive science and their interactions to traditional legal thought and process. He's responsible for Gabriela Dias Foundation's legal needs in Brazil, such as the drafting and negotiating of contracts, for instance.

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