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Between now and #GivingTuesday on November 27, Gabriela Dias Foundation is sharing some of our children's stories!


We hope that you’ll get to know how GDF is impacting the lives of children and youth in a positive way through providing them with unique opportunities in the arts. 

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Meet Dona Maria Benvinda Silva and her family.

Francissco Vierira da silva (nicknamed Dodô) is the son of Dona Maria Benvinda Silva. He was born on August 1st, 2008. Dodô is a very special child that needs daily attention; a few years ago he couldn’t event walk. He was born with mental problems due to Microephaly. Microephaly is a disorder of neurological origin in which the circumference of the skull and the size of the brain are smaller than expected for babies of the same size and age. It is not a disease but it has common conditions with other mental and cognitive disabilities. Dodô can walk and even talk with the help of his teachers but Dodô still struggles on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully, the Gabriela Dias Foundation provides the care and attention to all children, from the average child to a child with disability. No child is left out because we care for all.


Laureana Araújo silva sitting next to Dodô in the photo is the daughter of Maria and has the same condition as her brother. Their family have great financial difficulty, which makes treatment and purchasing food very difficult and sometimes, impossible. The art program allows Dodô and Laureana to expand mentally and grow socially.

photo aug 08, 10 08 20 pm copy.JPG

Bernardo Martins dos Santos was born on December 12, 2010 to Josimar and Cleonice who divorced after the birth of their son, Bernardo. Bernardo was taken to his grandmother as his main caregiver due to his mother bearing another child. Bernardo struggles a lot with the possibility of his father taking him away from his grandmother to purposely upset the mother of Bernardo and his grandmother. The Gabriela Dias Foundation provides space for children like Bernardo who can find rest and peace when life gets rough; It is a safe and supportive space for children.

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Gabriel Vieira da Silva, daughter of Janete Rosa da Silva, mother of twins, Gabriel and Gabriela. They were born on October 11, 2013 and are currently in their first year of preschool. They are born to parents who are financially struggling and live in a rural area where their only source of income come from agriculture. The first few years of education are so important for the mental development of children. The Gabriela Dias Foundation ensures that the art programs are of high quality and that children like Gabriel can learn to play an instrument by enhancing his musical intelligence.

photo aug 09, 1 33 34 pm copy.JPG
photo aug 09, 1 38 13 pm copy.JPG

​​​​​Gabriely Carvalho is a very beautiful daughter of Cássia Carvalho. She was born on July 14, 2011. She currently lives with her grandmother, due to Gabriely’s mother having many problems. Her mother works in São Paulo, which is 1,540 miles from Vale de Jequitinhonha, Minas Gerais, Brasil. Her mother earns money and maintains the needs of Gabriely and her other son, João Victor Carvalho. With a mother that works almost 18 hours away, Gabriely has found the strength to carry on by attending GDF’s programs

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