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The Bruce Museum Field Trip 

GDF Social Initiative - Fairfield County, USA 

Mission: Expanding Imagination and adding depth to understanding, and opening new worlds of interest with

the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford.

The Gabriela Dias Foundation partnered with The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT for a day of art and shark exploring. Children and youth enjoyed the exhibit Summer with the Averys, featuring landscapes, seascapes, beach scenes, and figural compositions taking an innovative approach to the superb work produced by the Avery family. Field trips to art museums teach children critical thinking, empathy, and other generally important skills and dispositions.


The kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford also got the chance to discuss and explore the exhibition Sharks! Where they got to know 20 different species, life-sized models, as well as compare and contrast jaws and teeth. Through an activity of Trivia, it got our kids engaged and motivated to learn more. 


Fun Fact: Having children visit Museums, teach them about subject-specific content and skills, expanding their general world knowledge. 


About our partner: The Bruce Museum is a community based, world-class institution highlighting art, science and natural history in more than a dozen changing exhibitions annually. The permanent galleries feature the natural sciences that encompass regional to global perspectives.

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