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Field Trip to the 

Brant Foundation Arts Study Center

GDF Social Initiative - Fairfield County, USA 

Our Mission: Expand imagination and adding depth to understanding, and opening new worlds of interest with

the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford.


The Gabriela Dias Foundation partnered with The Brant Foundation in Greenwich, CT for a day of contemporary art exploring and creating. Children and youth enjoy being exposed to contemporary art as they easily get inspired with the projects they experience. The young girls explored the methods, techniques, materials and resources used by the artist Urs Fisher.


Fun Fact: The exhibit displayed at The Brant Foundation is, URS FISCHER: ERROR. A solo exhibition of works by Fischer from the last two decades. In Fischer’s works, the meaning lies within the very substances and processes of its making, whereby ideas become material and materials take on a life of their own. Sculptures are created through an elaborate aluminum casting process, roughly hewn in wood, or cast in wax only to melt away during the run of the exhibition. 



The girls had the opportunity to enjoy a hands-on learning experience, for a perfect confidence booster allowing them to develop the right kind of self-esteem and the “can do spirit”. 


About our partner:  The Brant Foundation has a mission to promote education and appreciation of contemporary art and design, by making works available to institutions and individuals for scholarly study and examination. The Brant Foundation offers a multitude of ongoing programs and events aimed to enhance and enrich the public’s experience with contemporary art. These programs are designed to facilitate art education, foster creative and scholarly development, and provide unique opportunities for anyone with an interest in contemporary art.

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