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Our Mission

Our mission is to support, advocate and build a better future for disadvantaged children and youth and their families through arts and education. Through voicing their stories and hardships GDF wants to ensure that all children and youth receive a relevant, high-quality education, have access to the arts, are empowered and reach their full potential. We focus especially in those who live in disadvantaged areas, and who are overlooked due to the lack of educational opportunities and economic challenges. Through our social initiatives we tell their stories to inform, engage and inspire the public to take action.

Social Initiatives

We work with local partners, schools and nonprofits, to enhance and support efforts to educate and engage children and youth. Our Social Initiatives create measurable change, by building confidence, changing attitudes and social norms community by community.


We invest in engaging and educating the public to emphasize the overlooked potential of disadvantaged children and youth.


GDF strives to get the community engaged and to educate the public about the barriers disadvantaged children and youth face in education and the arts. As a highly credible and respected advocate for minority and women, Gabriela Dias uses her voice to lead opinion and spread awareness of the importance of our mission and goals.

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